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Collaborative Apps

Technology has revolutionized the classroom! Now, a classroom is no longer about benches and blackboard, it has become a playground of innovation and creativity. From devices like tablets to software for learning, classrooms now support project-based learning that fosters teamwork. … Continue reading

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Assistive Technology

Teaching is challenging, especially when the class is composed of students having different learning abilities. There is difference in the cognitive, psychological and physical abilities of children, and traditional classrooms were not equipped to handle these challenges and disabilities. Assistive … Continue reading

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eLearning vs. mLearning

From laptops to smartphones, music players to tablets, life today is loaded with gadgets. Gadgets, today, are an inseparable part of modern day lifestyle; people are turning towards their devices for almost everything – from entertainment to education. Combination of … Continue reading

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Why eLearning is Important in Corporate Environment

Basically, any form of learning and teaching that is supported by electronic devices or digital communication comes under electronic learning. Thus, eLearning does not necessarily involve computer networks or Internet, they utilize electronics in any form. eLearning has revolutionized education … Continue reading

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Common eLearning Myths and their Facts

eLearning has created a buzz, not only in the educational sector but also in corporate companies. Even though technology of eLearning, it has evolved at a significant pace over the past years. But, even today not everyone is well versed … Continue reading

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Mobile Learning – Concept and Advantages

Learning and teaching has now gone beyond the walls of traditional classroom, and widened their scope in virtual space. Development of networks, growth of Internet and introduction of developed handheld tech gadgets has together changed the face of education today. … Continue reading

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Important Benefits of eLearning

Technology has influenced the field of education, and increased its accessibility and scope. Use of electronic media and tech gadgets for learning has given rise to a new dimension – electronic learning or eLearning. eLearning has broken the concept of … Continue reading

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Basic things to know about eLearning

Education is no longer limited to traditional classrooms, their scope has widened considerably due to its integration with technology. Electronic learning or eLearning refers to the use of electronic applications, processes, networks and Internet for learning. In eLearning, content is … Continue reading

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