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Constituents of an Educational App

We all are swindling in the world of mobile apps that is making life more and more virtual by the passing day. Technology is innovating at a much faster pace than ever before. Human friendly apps that assist us in … Continue reading

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Top podcasts that can help entrepreneurs to learn while on the go

Tired of listening to same old songs from iPod or MP3 player while away from home? Looking for something interesting to listen while travelling? Try listening educational podcasts! Self education can prove to be the best option for entrepreneurs, as … Continue reading

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Has Wikipedia already become more popular than Britannica?

Wikipedia has recently turned 14, and the site is considered one of the top ten most visited sites in 2014. The site plays an important role in learning and knowledge gathering industry. It has also overtaken Britannica as far as … Continue reading

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How Technology Assists in Language Learning

Evolution has ensured that digital technology has entered classrooms and provided innovative tools for learning. Not just classrooms, technology is assisting education and learning at all levels, thus ensuring better results. So, whether you are talking about primary education or … Continue reading

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Can machines learn faster than humans with the help of artificial intelligence?

This might sound weird, but now researchers are developing robots with artificial intelligence (AI) that can learn by simply observing, and watching YouTube videos. Latest attempt to develop artificial intelligence in robots University of Maryland’s researchers recently made it in … Continue reading

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Can music really help in learning?

Almost everyone is aware about awesome powers of music. There are tunes that can help an individual to change his or her mood in just few seconds. But certain researchers also claim that musical tunes can influence person’s learning capabilities. … Continue reading

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