3D printers are taking classroom learning to the next level

3D printers are taking classroom learning to the next level

3D printers are taking classroom learning to the next level

Today, companies are developing 3D printers that can create things like make-up powders, medicines, artificial limbs, human skin, auto spare parts, and more. So, it is clear that these printers would play an important part in manufacturing by simplifying several complicated processes. Three dimensional printers will also play an important role in teaching principles of math, engineering, and technology to the next generation.

MakerBot’s initiative to transform classroom learning with 3D printers

MakerBot Industries’ CEO and founder, Bre Pettis recently interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about 3D printer’s role in education.

Bre believes that three dimensional printers would reach every school desk in the United States within the next few years. He also said that printers might even replace Lego sets used by young kids.

Pettis pointed out that most of the new three dimensional printers are user-friendly. So, they can be easily used by non-techie students and schoolteachers.

MakerBot Industries’ CEO highlighted the point that his company was the first to roll out 3D students curricula that are designed to help students in the class. These devices help students to create an idea, then, to design something, and simply print it to check if it works. The company started this initiative in certain New York based schools from 2011.

Printers would allow kids to unleash their creativity

3D Printer maker CEL’s chief executive Chris Elsworthy interacted with journalists this month. While sharing his opinion about three dimensional printer’s scope in teaching, he pointed out that kids can generate better ideas than adults. 3D printers would help them to unleash their creativity in the classroom. But this may take some time to turn into reality.

Chris Elsworthy gave the best possible example to elaborate the impact of three dimensional printers on learning. He pointed out that his 10 year old boy went for few minutes of online tutorials for 3D printing. Then, he drew small model of Minecraft game’s character on his PC, and simply got that 3D printed in a few minutes.

Elsworthy believes that kids, who can play Minecraft, can easily use their skills to create objects with three dimensional printers.

Students wish to experiment with new things, but most of them are scared about consequences and failure. Thanks to 3D printers, these students can gain firsthand experience in learning various stages of manufacturing. They can also get the opportunity to create what they want inside the classroom.

Recent report related to study conducted by New Media Consortium about the impact of three dimensional printers on education also points out something similar. The report suggests that these devices would cause huge impact on the way kids learn in the classroom. 3D printers would act as tools for students. Kids will be able to reach new heights in problem solving and thinking.

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