3D Printing in Education

3D printing in Education

3D printing has completely transformed the scope of term ‘printing’! From fashion to engineering, automation to medicine, there is hardly any sector where 3D printing is not used. 3D printing has also made significant influence to education, and changed teaching and learning methods. 3D printers allow children to innovate and experiment, thus making projects more interesting and practical. It gives students a simple modeling tool that allows them to give shape and form to their ideas. It offers free prototyping and also enables children to get familiar with technology along with touch screen interfaces.

With 3D printing, students can pitch, conceptualize, prototype and produce objects, thus making it a powerful tool for learning. When children use 3D printers, it prepares their mindset for better learning and gives them a chance to retry of they have made any mistake. With this approach, students can think and design with an open mind as they have the option of prototyping again and again. In case of innovation, there is a high probability of mistakes and with 3D printing, students can learn from their mistakes. 3D printing allows students to make changes to the environment, thus giving them ability to solve problems in real world. This is not only a valuable lesson for education, but also for life and plays an important role in their future. 3D printers in school have contributed to bold designs and increased imagination and confidence.

Along with 3D printers in schools, you can also find 3D printing apps for students. Maker’s Empire is one such app that has made 3D printing simple and accessible. This app teaches students how to model and 3D print objects for different purposes. Easy and fun, 3D printing is like a magic that allows students to see their creations come to life.

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