Announcing the Microsoft Hack the Classroom Digital Event!

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On January 30, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. PST, Microsoft is leading the HACK THE CLASSROOM Movement. We are bringing together inspiring educators and thought leaders and sharing their secrets.

Educators who attend Hack the Classroom will leave inspired and able to incorporate some new ideas and tools into the classroom so that their students can achieve more.  Hear from Hadi Partovi (founder of  and Dale Dougherty (founder of MAKE Magazine) who have hacked learning spaces across the globe to provide experiences for students that allow them to improve computational thinking, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

Rafranz Davis (Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning for Lufkin ISD) will share how she uses Minecraft to hack what teachers think about student learning through critical thinking and collaborative creativity driven by the imaginations of students. Find out how Minecraft can empower your students to:

Think more deeply and holistically on a concept
Improve cognitive reflection from creating, collaborating, and teaching each other
Learn alongside the teacher
We will also take a deep look inside two classrooms in which teachers are using technology in innovative ways to hack their classrooms to gain more instructional time with their students and promote student centered learning environments.

Find out how Jeff Kash, middle school social studies teacher, hacks his classroom to:

Gain back instructional time at the beginning of class by using tools that allow his students to be self-starters
Organize content so his students can focus on the learning
Provide real-time feedback so that students can work to mastery
Easily revise units and lessons for the following year:
See how Leah Obach went from not knowing anything about coding, to hacking her grade 1 classroom so that her students can:

Practice multiple subject areas to improve literacy skills

Demonstrate leadership and inspire global and digital citizenship
Develop tenacity and grit as they persist working on a difficult task and requires multiple attempts to complete successfully
During the event you will be able to interact with the speakers and ask them questions so that you can implement what you learn in your classroom immediately.

Be part of something bigger…join the live global web-event and hack your way into a more innovative learning environment for your students.

Click to register.

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