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apps for toddlers

With the world going tech-savvy each day, children are not untouched by technology. Today, kids are more technology and gadget friendly than elders, and use smart phones, laptops and tablets with ease. For kids, use of tech gadgets is not limited to entertainment and games, it has become an integral part of their education. It is not surprising to find middle or high school students using laptops or tablets for learning. But, now tech gadgets and their applications have become teaching tools for toddlers too.

For toddlers, teaching methods should be interactive, fun yet rewarding and apps have the combination of all three. Here are few must-have apps for toddlers –

  • Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – Introduce color, letters, numbers, fruit names and much more to toddlers with the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app. Designed for toddlers, these gamed teach the kids without spoiling their fun.


Price – $1.99

  • iStoryTime Storybook Library – Story telling is one of the activities that toddlers enjoy most. iStoryTime Storybook Library is one of the best digital read-aloud story books for kids. With its professional audio and narration, it is a wonderful way of telling stories to kids. This app includes four free full length books, and more can be purchased from the library.


Price – Free (With In-app purchases)

  • PicsArt Kids – A great app for drawing and doodling, PicsArt Kids is loaded with activities that parent can enjoy with kids. From learning shapes to coloring, drawing to games, interactive nature of the app makes it a hit with kids.


Price – Free (With In-app purchases)

Let the kids enjoy while learning with these educational apps. Designed for toddlers, these apps prove that education can be fun!

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