Best Educational Apps for Learning Foreign Language


Learning a new language isn’t always easy; but with constant practice and exposure through different methods, it is very much possible. Learning a foreign language offers a great advantage to both students as well as professionals as it allows them interact with people from other cultures. However, enrolling in a language class takes time and effort, something that many people nowadays don’t have enough.

Nonetheless, the development of smartphones has made the process of learning a new language easier and faster. What it takes to start learning is only a single app download. Nowadays, there really is an app for everything… and every language! Whether you want to learn a language in an educational manner or as a fun option, there are some great language-learning apps out there for both Android and iOS users.

One of the highest rated language-learning apps, Duolingo works like a game wherein users get experience points for each correct answer. The app offers a comprehensive language learning experience that most students can find engaging and fun. Duolingo users learn a new language through repetition and conversation. It features short yet effective lessons, motivational rewards and focuses on 10 most commonly used tenses.

Busuu is a free language-learning app available in various languages that offers the unique feature of connecting users with native speakers. What sets this app apart from other apps available is the number of users. After you’ve spent enough time learning through 3,000 words and key phrases available, you can practice what you’ve learnt while interacting with over 25,000,000 users. The app also uses audio-visual technique to teach you your favorite language with photos and voice.

Whether you wish to learn Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Spanish or any other popular language, Babbel app can help you significantly. Similar to Duolingo, this free app also lets you learn a language by completing and repeating phrases. Along with pronunciation evaluation, Babbel also ensures that you’re saying the words correctly. It also allows you to set benchmarks as you learn a language and also monitor your progress.

Available in a variety of languages, MindSnacks is a free and fun way to learn a foreign language. The app features 11 different lessons designed like easy-to-play games for learning in exciting way. In each lesson, users are required to solve a series of puzzles arranged as per his/her language proficiency. Through interactive play, MindSnacks teaches you important vocabulary & conversation skills.

Brainscape is a popular free mobile app to learn Mandarin Chinese. The app uses a set of 5,500 flashcards to teach you the language. It focuses on teaching language by using intervals of time as well as what you already know. The unique thing about Brainscape is that it also features lessons on the brush stroke of each symbol to help you understand how it is drawn.

AnkiApp offers a simple and fast way to learn Japanese for people planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Like Brainscape, this app also uses a flashcard system that allows you to memorize Japanese words easily. Also, learners can challenge themselves through quick sessions to test their language knowledge or skill.

As the name suggests, Memrise is a free mobile app that helps users learn Spanish easily. Featuring different learning modules, depending on the user proficiency, the app allows you to study Spanish words through different functions like “Spanish vocab by frequency” and “250 commonly used Spanish words”. Its lessons typically contain a Spanish word with its definition in English as well as an audio recording of its pronunciation.

Want to know a language other than your native one? So, what to wait for? Explore the best language apps on your mobile device. These handy mobile apps can help you learn a new language and become a bilingual – or even a trilingual.

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