Blended LMS can make training interesting for students and employees


Blended learning course management systems offer the perfect combination of benefits from face to-face learning and online learning.  Research suggests that these learning systems can keep trainees attentive and engaged during training sessions. This is the reason that several educational institutes and corporate companies are quickly adapting blended LMS.

Employees’ training and education is considered as mission critical task by almost all the organizations these days.  Training and development helps companies to derive best quality of work from their employees and also helps in increasing the organization’s overall productivity.  This is where blended learning course management systems come in the picture.

Blended LMS cut geographical boundaries, as they deliver information using mobile devices, computers and internet. These learning solutions allow companies to extend their R & D team’s reach, and to widen their course offerings, which automatically increases the organization’s capacity to train people.  Blended LMS can offer thousands of e-leaning courses under one roof that can be accessed by users at any point in time. Blended learning systems also allow users to plan training sessions as per their convenience, and thus, helps in saving company’s cost and time.

Blended learning solutions allow students to access study materials, assignments, classroom session videos, and live sessions from any part of the world. LMS are password protected systems, and they allow students to access study materials anywhere, anytime with the help of devices like tablet PCs, smart phones, desktop PCs or laptops. This helps learners to study and learn at their own pace.

Secured learning systems enable educational institutions to facilitate classroom interaction, online delivery of education, and offer personalized learning experience to students. Trainees can also join face-to-face training sessions with their teachers and other students as and when required.

Several educational institutes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore use blended learning systems. Thanks to user friendly interface, these systems can be used by students from various age groups. Trainees from hundreds of American distance learning institutions use blended LMS on daily basis.

Here are some factors which should be considered before purchasing blended LMS

  • Before purchasing LMS, it is advisable to make sure that all the locations, stakeholders involved in training are equipped with IT infrastructure and devices necessary to run the training system.
  • Choose blended LMS that can be customized according to your company’s training requirements. It should also be SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant.
  • Opt for the system that needs minimum hardware and software installation. Usually, cloud based systems require less hardware installation.
  • Before choosing the system, companies should also consider the cost for licensing, maintenance, and technical upgradation that they may come across in the future.
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