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Blogging has generated lot of buzz in recent times! Initially used as a webpage for publishing informative and user-friendly content, today it is possible to find blogs on almost any subject or niche. Blogging has now found applications in education sector and is being used by teachers as an instructional tool. Earlier, teachers used to create their own class web pages and update them regularly with announcement and news, and hence they needed to have the technical knowledge of setting up a website. But, with blogging, teachers can easily have their online presence, without having technical knowledge of HTML, FTP and others.

By integrating technology with education, it has become possible to develop interesting and effective tools for teachers. Blogging is surely one of these tools as writing has always been a dreaded task for students. Blogs are not a substitute for online discussion boards, in fact, they offer a new delivery system for academics. Teachers can easily harness the unique features of blogs to supplement their teaching methods in classroom. With instructional blogging, teachers can give assignments to students that they need to compose on their blogs. It also helps students to reflect on their course material and engage in a higher level of understanding and thought.

With blogging, teachers have been successful in engaging entire classrooms in their activities. It has been seen that quiet or sullen students do not take part in class activities but with blogging, even these students were an active part of the process. Blogging has given every student an opportunity to express their thoughts and views, a task they would not be able to perform face-to-face. Blogs have helped foster better communication, writing, reading and other academic skills. Blogs are not only interactive; they allow students to integrate different elements like audio, video, images and others. Thus, it gives students opportunity to think out-of-the-box and be creative with their approach. Nature of these methods have taken attention of students and become major reason why they are catching up in the classroom.

Writing skills have been given utmost importance in the education system, and with digital tools like blogs it has become easier to teach these skills to students. Teachers are using blogs to give assignments, news, updates, information on latest events and others. As the posts are usually dated in chronological order, finding newest information is very easy. Also, teachers are continuously striving to make their blogs thriving and up-to-date for the students.

Primary notion about blogging is that students and teachers won’t share their idea on a daily basis. But, it has been proven otherwise, as blogging is being used for students in ways beyond imagination. Blogs are flooding the Internet, and have spread from a handful to tech-savvy students to thousands of regular classrooms. Today, blogs are not just a tool, it has developed into powerful technique for writing instructions for students.

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