Blogging to meet Common Core Standards


If you teach in the United States, you are required to tie your learning activities to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS sets high expectations for student success by outlining the skill set that students should master at each grade level. Ultimately, the students are supposed to be equipped with problem solving, critical thinking and other career-oriented skills for 21st century jobs.

As an educator, to meet Common Core State Standards, you’re required to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to adapt broad goals to the varied skills and individual needs of your students. Blogging is one of such solutions which can help students understand the content more deeply as well as meet the goal of grasping the rules and benefits of learning in an online community, thereby reinforcing sound digital citizenship skills.

Being a teacher, the first thing in your CCSS exercise would be encouraging your student to use technology to make their activities more engaging. Technology inspires student learning and creativity. This also addresses a common core standard which states that students should use technology and digital media strategically and capably. It is not just novelty of technology which excites students, but the access to the curriculum that technology gives them.

Ask your students read an article online that interests them. Once they complete reading, have them write 3-4 paragraph essay about their opinion on the article. The initial paragraph should be an introduction. The second and third paragraph should be reasons which support their article and the last paragraph should end their opinion piece.

Once students are done with their blog, they can go through other students’ blogs. They can share their opinions with other students on various topics in the comments section. When students blog one opinion piece, the teacher can introduce them with other forms of writing and can meet various common core standards. This exercise ensure that you meet a common core standard which requires students to write opinion pieces on topics and support a point of view with strong reasons.

Teachers can exceed story writing expectations of students by adding a few tweaks which will make this exercise exciting. Ask students to coordinate with other students in story writing process. By blogging with other students, you meet the common core standard which states that with support and guidance from peers and adults, students develop and strengthen their writing skill by planning, editing, revising or trying a new approach.

Moreover, story writing is a great way to introduce students to different features in blogging that students would not generally use. While developing story writing skill in students, you also achieve a common core standard that states – write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences with the help of effective technique, clear event sequences and descriptive details.

Another common core standard that says use precise language and vocabulary to explain the topic helps students increase their vocabulary. The students get a deeper understanding of the subject they are learning through blogging. Math and science are two subjects which allow the students to develop their vocabulary through blogging. Students can better understand their math problems by writing step-by-step process in blogging. When it comes to science, you can ask students to blog their vocabulary words in various ways like using the word in a sentence or uploading a picture to match with their word. Students cam also share their sentences with other students and have them comment about their new vocabulary words.

No matter which topic you choose, blogging is a great way for the teacher to achieve success while meeting the common core standards. Learn how to blog in 4 easy steps.

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