CCSS has Revolutionized Education in the US

High School students from certain parts of Los Angeles carry tablet PC in their school bags. While on the other hand, students in cities like Ferguson (Missouri) still carry those heavy books to school every day. Some schools have digital, textbook-less classrooms. On the other hand, some schools in backward states do not even offer Wi-Fi hot spots for students. Their school syllabus might be considerably different from the one offered in other states. This is where Common Core State Standards or Common Core Standards come in picture.


CCSS are set of new K–12 standards that are designed to train students for success during college years, and also in their professional as well as personal life. These guidelines are applicable for certain technical subjects, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, History, and English language Arts and Literacy. The concerned framework aims to help students by encouraging them to “learn and understand” instead of simply memorizing content from text books.

The framework promotes all the necessary skills required for life outside class room. Standards require students to read complicated texts, stories, and articles from social studies and science. After completing certain parts of syllabus, students are also asked to answer questions related to the same syllabus. This automatically promotes analytical and problem solving skills among children.

CCSS framework assures availability of certain resources and effective use of classroom across all parts of the United States. Its curriculum is research and evidence based, and is in line with educational standards followed by top nations from around the world. It sets certain standards for educational institutions, teachers and students to bring everyone on the same page.

All the states, except Virginia, Alaska, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota have adapted Common Core Standards curriculum.

Technology is the most important pillar for Common Core Standards

According to research conducted by Massachusetts based Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the combination of iPad and instructor’s support can help students to learn difficult concepts within just few minutes. Their researcher and physicist Matthew Schneps recently shared details about this study with National Geographic news. He claimed that iPad and other learning devices can trigger neurocognitive abilities of users that can help them to learn quickly. The Common Core State Standards framework also works on similar pattern. It promotes data driven learning with the help of certain e-learning devices and class room gadgets.

Teachers can take advantage of open educational resources and integrate them with their teaching methods with the help of technology. Common Core Standards enable educational institutes to save money spent of materials, and also helps them in saving time.

CCSS framework brought investment in class room technology sector?

It is clear that text books might be forced out of all the classrooms in the future. So, hundreds of small and large companies are spending millions in developing digital classroom devices to en-cash this educational revolution.

Even Rupert Murdoch tried to en-cash opportunity offered by CCSS

Tech giants were bemused when Bloomberg reported about News Corp’s $540 Million worth investments in August 2013.News Corp’s educational products division- Amplify developed and released their first range of custom built tablet computers during August last year along with several games designed to help children in learning. Second version of this tablet was released this year.

Amplify is still not able to overtake iPad’s popularity as one of the best leaning devices. But it has managed to remain in lime light due to its digital curriculum that offers the perfect combination of multimedia features, digital games and easily adaptable learning techniques to make learning full of fun for children.

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