Collaborative Apps

Collaborative Apps

Technology has revolutionized the classroom! Now, a classroom is no longer about benches and blackboard, it has become a playground of innovation and creativity. From devices like tablets to software for learning, classrooms now support project-based learning that fosters teamwork. One type of learning that has gained prominence in the recent years is collaborative learning. In this type of learning, students are given a common task to achieve common goals. Due to the group work, collaboration is an integral part of learning process, it promotes interaction and feedback. There are innumerable educational apps in the market, and several of them are classified as collaborative apps. Collaborative apps allow students to work together in a coordinated fashion and also make the process enjoyable.

Few of the most popular and widely used collaborative apps for children include –

  • Whiteboard Lite – Available for free, this app makes drawing more exciting and fun with colorful stickers. This collaborative whiteboard app is designed for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
  • Flowboard – An app that allows students to share their creativity and ideas. With this mobile app, students can create, share an publish their ideas to create photo journals and other form of content.
  • Brickflow – This app gives new form of storytelling with help of hashtags. It allows students to create memorable stories by using media from sources like YouTube, Twitter Instagram and others. It is also a free app.
  • Toonastic – Kids love cartoons, and this is the prime reason for popularity of this app. Toonastic allows students to create their cartoon characters by drawing and then animate them to tell stories. A creative app for storytelling, it also allows sharing of cartoons with friends.

Collaborative apps promote learning and working together, and make it a fun experience!

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