Common Core Standards and Technology – Integrating Both

Common Core Standards and Technology – Integrating Both

Implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is gaining momentum with each passing day. Technology has brought about a significant transformation in education and teaching methods. But, the influence of this transformation is not uniform and equally distributed. Some classrooms have the latest tech gadgets and infrastructure, while others are still coping with less advanced ways of teaching. So, The Common Core Standards were established as the new national academic standards. Used to establish national index of academic content in United States, the Common Core Standards have been adopted by around 47 out of 50 states in US. With the CCSS, there is emphasis on teaching at a deeper level and encouraging students to learn instead of remember. Now, educators are free to take advantage of evolution of technology and integrate it in their teaching methods.
About Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
CCSS is a set of high quality academic standards that have been set for learning mathematics and English language literacy or arts. It outlines the progress of student and what a student should be capable of at the end of each grade. Thus, it ensures that when children graduate from high school, they have necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed in college and career life.
Integrating Technology and CCSS
Integrating technology into education is not just about bringing computer labs or iPads to schools. It defines broader and larger role of technology in teaching. Technology should be used as a tool for giving instructions, varying presentation of information to students and ensuring that students engage in content skills. By creating an interest in technology at an early age, it will help students to create as well as share learning tools with others. By integrating technology and CCSS, students will be encouraged to think and understand a problem and analyze information to develop solutions. This approach is not possible without support from technology.
It has been observed that there has been stagnancy in academic progress in US, especially in subjects like mathematics. Also, rate of college remediation have gone high. One of the resaons behind this situation was uneven academic standards from state to state. By developing a national standard and integrating it with technology, uniformity of standards and their application can be ensured.
Students are the future of the nation, and investing in students will help in a better future of the nation. Technology has the power to engage students and help them gain better and deeper understanding of subjects. By integrating technology with education, teachers can emphasize on analyzing, evaluating and creating. It will help students to explore their areas of interest in technology at different levels of their education. With extensive technology resources, teachers can develop activities relevant to their teaching situations. Integrating technology and education will ensure that students can access technology as a regular part of their learning.

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