Common eLearning Myths and their Facts

e-learning myths and facts

eLearning has created a buzz, not only in the educational sector but also in corporate companies. Even though technology of eLearning, it has evolved at a significant pace over the past years. But, even today not everyone is well versed with what eLearning is, and its scope and applications. eLearning is a powerful tool and its applications are vast and diverse.

But eLearning has been surrounded by several myths. It is important to break away from myths to get a true understanding of eLearning. Here are commonly found myths about eLearning –

  • Myth – eLearning courses are easier and more fun than traditional courses.

Truth – eLearning may have changed the way of teaching, but it still needs to be valued. eLearning aims at making learning challenging, rewarding, authentic and relevant.They may be fun, but cannot be taken lightly.

  • Myth – Employees do not like e-learning.

Truth – Employees hate eLearning when it is bad and not well designed. A well designed, interactive eLearning tutorial is appreciated if the right content is featured and personalized.

  • Myth – eLearning technology is unreliable.

Truth – Several individuals and companies avoid using eLearning technology because they fear that it is unreliable. But, that is not true as network connections, computers, Internet and other technology gadgets are quite dependable.

  • Myth – Distance learning degrees are not taken seriously.

Truth – Until few decades back, only traditional courses were considered to be valuable. But advent of technology has changed the scenario completely. Now, employers consider distance learning degrees to be as competitive as traditional educational degrees.

It is very difficult to differentiate between myth and truth can be really challenging. You may come across several people who criticize the quality, viability and authenticity of eLearning. So, you need to bust the myths and try to understand the real face of eLearning.

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