Different Formats for Content – Making eLearning Interactive

Different Formats for Content – Making eLearning Interactive

One of the prime features of eLearning is its ability to organize content in interesting and visually appealing manner. The key to success of any eLearning platform is its unique and properly structured content. Concepts, information and details need to be introduced in a manner that facilitates learning. So, eLearning utilizes different formats of content to make it interactive and collaborative.

Whether an eLearning course is designed for preschool kids or corporate learners, it incorporates following formats of content –

  • Text – It is the traditional form of content delivery. Text format of content cannot alone make an eLearning course appealing and it is considered less effective and undesirable. To make textual content more appealing, quality and style of content delivery should be considered too.
  • Graphics – Graphics provide a visual aid to the content, thus making it easier to understand. Also, images are known better information retention capacity.
  • Audio/Video – An effective form of communication, audio and video makes learning interesting. As concepts are explained more clearly, it brings accuracy in learning. Though this is only a single way format of content delivery, it helps in residing information in mind of the learner.
  • Animation – There is a significant difference between animation and audio-visual content. This form of content gives a more realistic touch, yet keeps message delivery entertaining and practical.
  • Simulation – One of the best ways to explain complex concepts, simulation helps creating real life-like situations for better understanding. With simulations, learners do not remain passive receivers of information, but create more engaging experience for them.

Interactive content involved in eLearning has increased acceptance of this form of learning over traditional methods.

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