Distance Learning – Modern Trend of Education


In the current environment of cut-throat competition, finding a job and retaining it is very important. This situation has made increased the significance and importance of higher education. But, now-a-days, taking up a new course does not mean leaving your current activities, job or courses as online education has made things very simple. Basically, online learning or distance learning is a way of remote learning without regular physical presence in classroom. In distance learning, classes or lectures are broadcast, communicated over Internet or conducted by correspondence. Though, distance learning is an old concept, advent of technology in education has made it powerful, popular and distance learning has become successful trend.

Distance learning has reinvented the concepts of ‘classroom’ and ‘teaching’ as student does not need to be physically present in the classroom. There are various benefits of distance learning, it includes –

  • Flexible – Distance learning can be planned as per your convenience. So, now it is possible to take up courses to fit around your work or family commitments.
  • Availability of Options – There are options for distance learning courses, and they can be pursued in full time or part time. It gives students an opportunity to learn any subject or course, even if it is not available in colleges in your area. It also gives them a range of networking opportunities.
  • Resource Saving – Distance learning saves time and resources to commute to the college or location. It is possible to learn from anywhere and even while on-the-go. Distance learning is a very cost effective and efficient way of learning.

    Distance learning has developed as a robust platform that enriches learning experience. Unlike, traditional learning courses, distance learning is a viable option, irrespective of the demographics and age groups of people opting for them.

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