eLearning Authoring – Must Try Free Tools

eLearning authoring tools

There are several components required to develop an eLearning course, and one of these components is the authoring tool. An authoring tool is composed of elements that are used in development of interactive content or multimedia. These elements are pre-programmed t create multimedia applications. Depending on the scope and platform of the eLearning course development, authoring tools used in that project varies. Authoring tools vary in their capability of graphics, animations, ease of use, price, software simulations and other factors.

There are several authoring tools available in the market today, some are free while others are available for paid subscriptions. Some of the best free eLearning authoring tools available in market include –

  • authorPoint Lite – This tool converts PowerPoint presentations into eLearning content. It is the free version of paid authoring tool authorPoint and it does not include functionality of live audio/video. This software needs to be installed as it is not web-based.
  • Easygenerator – A cloud-based authoring software for eLearning, it can be used to create engaging content rapidly. This tool can be used by subject matter experts and instructional designers. It is an easy-to-use and future proof tool that can create highly effective content.
  • SmartBuilder – Created by Suddenly Smart, this tool can be used to create an easy user interface rich Flash based eLearning course. It is an award winning eLearning authoring tool.
  • Writinghouse – A great tool for students, teachers and tutors, this tool can be used to automatically create citations and bibliographies. This tool can also be used t created cited lists in a particular format or specific referencing style required by a paper.
  • Dipity – This tool not only allows users to create content, but also share their content with others. From audios and videos to text links and locations, there are several elements that can be integrated with the content using this tool.

Authoring tools help users to realize full potential of their gadgets and the Internet, and improve their authoring potential and learning.

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