Even Kanye West sees the value of videostreaming in education

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Well kinda sorta…

As we know Kanye West is no stranger to social media. In his recent Twitter “rant,” he shared that he “was thinking about not making CDs ever again… Only streaming.”
I know he didn’t directly say education… but I want to reference streaming in education. His “rant” says what a lot of technology lovers in education are thinking. We need access to quality videos!

We live in a digital age which is marked by change, social cohesion and awareness, and the young generation are seen as key influencers of global change.
Video, as a basic agent in education transformation, accommodates diverse learning styles, increases excitement and student engagement, as well as helping maximizes classroom resources while improving learning outcomes.

The pedagogical impact of video can be summarized by three key concepts:

  • Interactivity with content (the learner relates to visual content, whether verbally, by note taking or thinking, or by applying concepts)
  • Engagement (the learner connects to the visual content, becoming drawn in by video, whether on-demand or real-time)
  • Knowledge transfer and memory (the learner may remember and retain concepts better than with other instructional media)

Just as one pathway of transmitting knowledge will never be enough, any individual grouping of particular media may never be sufficient.Giving learners access to only pathway is the same as forcing students into a learning style that does not fit their needs.

This is why diversified media such as texts, oral presentation, slide decks, recorded audio, and other forms of media invite enhancement by video. It is becoming a pivot point for learning, a desired need not only by learners who are growing up emerged in rich digital technologies, but also by educators.

Video not only fuses visual and auditory stimuli into a single package, but also helps “bridge the gap between schools’ boxed environment and the global world, bringing reality into the classroom”.

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Just like Kanye wants others to be the best version of themselves, as educators and stakeholders we should want our learners to be the best version of themselves. Their learning should not be stopped or stunted due to the lack of instructional resources.

In summary, video is a learning tool that when properly applied harvests wide benefits. It is also a collaborative medium with universal appeal. As a tool, however, it can be misused and abused. I believe video is best used not in a vacuum but as a piece of the scaffold for learning.
Learners must be provided with background or supplementary knowledge. When each students’ prior learning is made visible, student learning is greatly enhanced. Furthermore, outcomes are greatly enhanced and extended when the video is integrated into the rest of the lesson.

It is evident that the time is now, the technology is available, and the time is now. It is vital that video technologies are adopted as learning tools, directing our learners on how to best benefit from them and contribute to their growth as global learners and global citizens.

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