Five year old kids learn about computer coding in British schools

The world is aware about President Obama’s ConnectED initiative and other similar programs that aim to modernize the education system in the country. Now, politicians from the United Kingdom have taken similar steps to change their education system. Let’s take a look at some points to know more about these steps.

Five year old kids learn about computer coding in British schools

Five year old kids learn about computer coding in British schools

New computer science curriculum in England since 2014

During first half of 2014, the British Government recruited around 400 computer science specialists. These specialists were assigned the responsibility to train teachers from schools in England, and to create curriculum for computer science. The overall program is managed by the British Computer society. Thanks to this initiative, many British schools replaced their old ICT – information and communications tech with new computer science curriculum.

Experts suggest that ICT is obsolete course; as it is all about using spreadsheet and word programs that most of the students already know. On the other hand, the new computer science syllabus consists of lessons related to functioning of computers. It teaches students about creating new software programs, creating codes, etc.

In July 2014, British Government’s education secretary, Michael Gove interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about the new syllabus. He pointed out that the new CS syllabus will allow kids as young as five years of age to learn computer coding, while 11 years old will learn programming languages. This will ensure that kids will have all the necessary skills to get jobs in the future.

The new syllabus was introduced for the first time in September 2014 across several schools in England.

Tech giants in the UK are helping Government’s technical educational initiative

British Govt’s education secretary, Nicky Morgan declared that tech giants like O2 and Google are supporting the British Govt’s drive for introducing computer skills in primary schools across England. Tech firms will help schools to introduce digital skills to their students who are as young as five years of age.

The education secretary also shared the information with journalists that the Education Department will spend£3.6million to design computer lessons that will help teachers while teaching. The training material for teachers is developed by Google in association with Hertford College, Oxford, and London’s Queen Mary University.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation along with Preston based- Our Lady’s Catholic High School is working on developing computer lessons. While the MOOC- massive open online course for school-teachers is being developed by the Oxford Brookes University.A peer-to-peer training session for teachers ensures that teachers are all set to play lead role in this revolution. These sessions are supported by O2 Telefonica.

Nicky Morgan was speaking during London’s annual BETT Show. She urged top experts and tech companies to come and help the Government in this initiative. Nicky shared her opinion that introducing coding to young students will enable them to succeed in global race for jobs.

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