Gamification can help companies in hiring and training

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Study conducted by research consultant, Parks Associates shows that number of video game users in the United States has increased 241 percent from 2008, thanks to games on smart phones and tablet PCs. This is attracting companies around the world to use gamification.

Gamification can help in hiring

Solving organizational problems, and performing organizational processes by using principals of gaming, is termed as gamification.

Research organization Gartner group suggests that by the end of 2015, more than 70 percent of companies around the world will use at-least one gamified application in the process of hiring and training. Thanks to low cost, and free apps that are available to assist the HR managers in recruitment.

This is the reason; Quora and Twitter have recently hired gamification experts to develop competitive and challenging games. Companies plan to use games in order to test potential candidates during the recruitment process.

Games can help in judging candidate’s conscientiousness, social intelligence, efficiency, and also in predicting his/her job performance.  Games also help companies to test candidate’s skills with practical tests during the process of hiring.

Games like Balloon Brigade are popularly used to assess candidate’s decision making skills, while Wasabi Waiter can help in predicting candidate’s performance level. “The Proof,” and “Life Game” from Mindbloom can motivate employees to remain health conscious. Another popular game called DueProps is popularly used by companies to judge candidate’s ability to meet goals.

Gamification can help in training new recruits

Corporate trainers themselves agree that companies need to adapt innovative approach and create better presentations instead of asking employees to go through boring power point presentations.

Uncertain economy and tight budgets make it difficult for small companies to afford training technology and materials.  But thanks to gamification, now companies can access engaging training tools that come with affordable price tag.

Training in the form of games can easily help companies to impress their new joinees, and help them to enjoy themselves right from the stage of hiring. Offering prizes and reorganization to employees who excel in their training sessions can help them to remain happy and motivated.

Top players in hospitality industry were amused when Hilton Garden Inn joined hands with game developer Virtual Heroes, Inc. The hotel and game developer created an interactive game called “Ultimate team play.” This game is used to train the hotel’s employees.

Even the National Institute of Justice has developed their own game called “Incident Commander” that is used to train people working as emergency respondents. Similarly, courier service provider UPS also uses video games to train their newly recruited drivers.

Gamification can help in increasing productivity?

Several surveys indicate that only around 19 percent of people in the United States were satisfied with their jobs between 2012 and 2013. This number was considered as warning sign for employers, as bad job satisfaction numbers means less productivity. But unfortunately, these days, companies do not have time and money to spend on resources that can motivate and appreciate employees for their efforts taken during day to day work.

Simple badge or a pat on the back can increase employees’ morale. This is where gamification can help! Gamification helps small and large organizations to offer personalized training, track performance of workforce, and offer reorganization to every employee. Thus, it can keep employees engaged, well trained and satisfied at the same time. 

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