Gamification in Classroom – Learning Made Fun

Gamification in Classroom – Learning Made Fun

Until a decade back, games and books were considered to be two exclusive parts of a student’s life. Games brought fun to the classroom while books bought seriousness and learning. With this defined distinction, integration of books and games seemed impossible. But, technology has been successful in integrating both and made it possible for kids to learn with games. Now, games are not only used to increase motivation and fitness, they are used to create engagement and make learning interactive. Termed as gamification, it involves use of game mechanics and design to enhance non-game elements like teaching.

Gamification in classroom is not limited to toddlers or kids, it is equally useful for senior students. For senior students, traditional teaching methods like lectures seemed boring and uninteresting but now lecturers are using gamification techniques to make their lectures more interesting and appealing to the students. There are several ways to introduce gamification in the classroom, it includes –

  • To make gamification successful, it is very important to include the students while developing the model. Give students chance to think and narrate their ideas to develop short term and long term goals for the class. By including students in the process, teachers will also be able to develop team working and collaborative efforts in the children.
  • Assign different roles to students and list out their tasks and responsibilities. Make sure you provide instant feedback as it is very important to recognize areas of improvement and work on them.
  • Keep your end goal in mind while choosing a game. Also evaluate different games to analyze their outcomes and associated cognitive processes. Instead of using an existing game, you can also develop your own games.

There have been several researches on the influence of gamification in classrooms, and the results have been found to be positive. From completing homework to preparing for tests, there are several ways in which gamification can be utilized in classrooms.

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