Gender and Technology – Influencing Each Other

Gender and Technology_1

Until few decades back, only men were considered to be addicted to technology and gadgets. But, times have changed now, and the craze for technology gadgets is not limited to men. In the present digital world, almost everyone has become dependent on gadgets, networks and the Internet. From making friends to communicating, doing business transactions to marketing products, there is hardly any aspect of human life that is untouched by technology. Though, technology has broken the old myth that only men love gadgets, it has influenced the way men and women communicate and associate with each other. Whether technology has removed the gender gap or further widened it is a topic of debate and it is too early to tell which one is right.

The technology gap between the genders, usually, begins at home and it progresses as they grow. Several women have experienced tech gap at home when their brothers were given video games for presents and they were given dolls and household play sets. Research states that such women still have a lack of confidence and courage to voice their opinions in the corporate world or later in their life.

Technology in the form of mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets and the Internet has brought the world closer by making it easy to connect to people across the world. It is being used as a powerful tool to inform, educate and empower women, especially in developed countries. But in developing nations, it is still the men who control the revolution of technology and information. Each community or region has its own reasons for lack of connectivity for women, but the end result remains the same – no empowerment for women. Today, there is a significant difference in life of women in developed nations and those in low and middle income countries. The key element that has brought so much difference is technology and its access.

Technology is redefining basic concepts of gender and their boundaries. Instead of sticking to old beliefs and methods, it is important to adapt the dynamic environment and go along with it. Technology is no longer the field dominated by men, and people should encourage breaking any other barriers that distinguishes utilization of technology for men and women.

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