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Retro photo apps

While choosing smartphones, one of the prime criteria that influence the choice is the camera quality of that phone. Smartphone cameras have totally changed the meaning, definition and experience of photography. With smartphones getting better day-by-day, smartphone cameras are also getting upgraded. Introduction of photo editing apps has made it further possible to give different touches and finishes to photographs. One of the photograph filters to win hearts of smartphone users is the vintage finish. Retro finish has become so popular that there are specialized apps in the store that provide retro touch to photographs.

Here are few top retro and vintage camera and filter apps worth trying to experiment and be creative with photographs –

  • CameraBag – With a range of vintage filters, CameraBag gives users experience of having more than dozen unique cameras in a single app. From Plastic to Instant to 1992, this app helps in creating vintage magic into the photographs. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface, effects can also be stacked while editing photographs with this app.


Price – $1.99

  • Hipstamatic – One of its kind app, Hipstamatic provides simple, fun and interesting way to add retro touch to photographs. It gives the feeling of using the toy cameras that were available in earlier times. It allows users to choose between different camera lenses and films, and shoot old style photographs. This app only allows shooting of retro style photographs using the app, users cannot process other photographs using this app.


Price – $1.99

  • Vintage Camera – An app that gives fully original and striking vintage effects to photographs, Vintage Camera is inspired by the cameras of the last century. With a number of filtered vintage effects to choose from, users can make their photos more life-like and expressive. Upgrade to the professional app can be done through in-app purchase.


Price – Free (With in-app purchase)

With retro filters and vintage camera apps, you can give an aged, analog and even artfully damaged appearance to your digital photographs. Try these apps today!

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