Graphic App – Reviews

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‘A picture is worth thousand words’ goes a famous saying! Applicable in multiple cases, graphics are a powerful tool in learning and education. With introduction of apps for mobile phones and tablets, interactive media and graphics have become an integral part of everyday teaching. Graphic apps have made learning fun, creative and exciting. From using these apps as an educational aid to a reference tool, graphic apps have now become educational resources. Textbooks from traditional classrooms have now been replaced by an array of apps and downloadable version of textbooks online.

Graphic design apps enable visual learning, and open several opportunities for learning. Here are few popular graphic apps for learning –

  • Science 360 – A free app by National Science Foundation, Science 360 has great graphics that fascinate students. Globally focused, this app has content on several science related subjects.
  • Letter School – An intuitive app, Letter School has received several awards and been featured on ‘Top Charts’ in several countries. With its excellent graphics, sounds and animations, this letter writing app is one of the most creative apps for kids.
  • Paper – One of the award-winning apps for iPad, Paper has taken creativity to a higher level. A great tool for storyboarding, graphics make it easier to express and creates endless possibilities.
  • Drawing Pad –Termed as ‘mobile art studio’, this app is an art kit for kids. With its fun interface and easy user experience, it changes the drawing experience. With interesting graphics, stickers and illustrations, Drawing Pad is loved by kids.

Graphic apps completely change the user experience, and make learning more creative and fun.

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