Has Wikipedia already become more popular than Britannica?

Wikipedia has recently turned 14, and the site is considered one of the top ten most visited sites in 2014. The site plays an important role in learning and knowledge gathering industry. It has also overtaken Britannica as far as numbers of daily visitors to the site are concerned. Let’s take a look at some points to know more about the same.I2

Britannica was slower since beginning

Several surveys have pointed out that when it comes to competition, Wikipedia is right in-front of Encyclopedia Britannica online.

Britannica’s former executive editor, Michael Levy recently interacted with journalists and suggested that Britannica is slow in the race as its content is written by scholars, Nobel laureates, and is edited by professionals. While on the other hand, Wikipedia’s content is crowd sourced and written by several editors. But both are almost the same as far as content’s accuracy is concerned.

Michael pointed out that Britannica works in a very slow manner, and making even small changes in its online content takes considerable amount of time.

Levy also pointed out that Britannica is online since 1994, but it always lagged behind due to antique technology that was being used. He highlighted the point that the British Encyclopedia’s editors were only allowed to update content once in seven to eight days instead of updating it on a daily basis.

According to Michael, in 2005, Britannica’s President Jorge Cauz did take several steps like increasing editorial staff to compete with Wiki and others. But still that was not enough to compete.

In-spite of all the observations, Britannica’s director of communications, Tom Panelas suggests that most of the surveys comparing Wikipedia with British Encyclopedia are in-correct, and in-favor of Wikipedia.

Britannica online cannot be compared with Wiki

During one of his recent interactions with journalists, Tom Panelas was being asked to share his opinion about Wikipedia becoming more popular that their organization. While sharing his opinion, Tom stressed on the point that Wiki and Britannica’s aim and goals are not common. Tom suggested that his organization focuses only on providing digital learning solutions for teachers and students. On the other hand, Wiki serves users from several backgrounds, and is not just meant for kids and teachers.

Teachers in the US are accessing Wiki, but not Britannica?

Around 2,500 teachers were recently surveyed by the Pew Research Center under their internet and American life project. The project was designed to study the impact of technology on learning. This research pointed out that around 87 per cent teachers who were surveyed, used Wikipedia as their source of information. They said that they use Wiki to create lessons for their students. Google search is also used to find answers, but overall, no one specified anything about using Britannica. This shows that Wikipedia will play an important role in online learning and knowledge sharing during the next few years.

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