How to Access Free eBooks for Kids


In this digitally evolving world, eBooks have become a preferred format of books for many. As these books are in electronic format, they can be accessed anywhere on laptop, smartphone, tablet or other devices. This ensures convenience, flexibility and eliminates hassles involved in maintaining paper-back books. Not just adults, eBooks have gained the interest of children too and parents are using this interest to develop the reading habits of their kids.
Now-a-days, you can easily find websites offering free and premium eBooks for children. This often leaves parents confused over which website is safe and trustworthy for eBook downloads. Well, don’t worry!

Here are few sites where you can easily access free eBooks for your kids –

Amazon – There are thousands of eBooks available on Amazon, but not all of them are free. Only the eBooks available in public domain or as free works are available for free on Amazon. You can also check the daily deals on eBooks to get amazing deals on other eBooks. You can check the average Amazon rating or choose free eBooks from recommendations provided on the site.

Zing – A dynamic eBook platform, Zing has become a favorite repository of eBooks for parents, teachers and students. With built in dictionary and tools for taking notes while reading, there are thousands of eBooks of free non-fiction and fiction eBooks on this site. Along with award winning titles, there are eBooks from famous authors, poems, short texts, articles and more. Zing also provides actionable data that allows teachers to monitor and report progress of kids. With Zing, eBooks can be read independently at home or in class or teachers can organize whole class reading instruction.

Big Universe – An award winning website for eBooks, Big Universe offers unique experience to children. Visitors can not only read but also publish their own eBooks here. Children can share and recommend books, thus giving them an enjoyable experience.

Barnes & Noble – To look for free eBooks at Barnes & Noble, you need to go to the Kids section and select Free from options. You will find a range of eBooks for teens and younger children.

Rosetta Project – An online library, Children’s Books Online is a Rosetta Project for eBooks. Here are books are indexed according to their level of reading, thus making it easy to find books to suit children as per their reading capabilities. This library mainly consists of antique illustrated books for children.

Project Gutenberg – It is one of the well-known names for eBooks available in Public Domain. Though Project Gutenberg is not specifically made for children, you can easily find several renowned eBooks for children here. There are more than 35000 eBooks on this site, and you can also find options for audio books.

FreeReadFeed – Stay informed with the latest releases of eBooks for children with the FreeReadFeed site. This site helps readers stay updated with the latest free eBooks by searching Amazon daily and listing the eBooks on their site. Even this website is not specially for children, so visitors need to apply filters to find eBooks for children.
The list of sites offering free eBooks is growing each day, but the above mentioned websites like Zing are great places to start. Develop the reading abilities of your kid with eBooks!

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