How to Have a Brainstorming Session with DotStorming


Are you looking for ways and tools to have a rewarding brainstorming session? Well, DotStorming is just the tool you are looking for. A great platform, DotStorming allows users to conduct online brainstorming sessions. Here participants can discuss their favorite ideas and also vote, thus making it more efficient and productive. One of the major problems with traditional brainstorming method was its varying degree of success. DotStorming has taken the brainstorming process online and its polling tool helps in getting proper answers to discussions.

With DotStorm, users can create a notice-board type of space where participants can post digital sticky notes and have participants vote on their favorite notes. The notes are ideas expressed in the form of text and/or images. After the voting is complete, users can sort the notes based on number of votes received by each. This tool also allows the creator of the board to restrict number of votes a participant can cast. Thus, this tool allows groups of people to collaborate on a topic and discuss their ideas. DotStorm can be used for brainstorming sessions in schools, colleges, organizations and any other places where ideas are discussed. Your employees or students do not have to be tech-savvy to use DotStorm as it is very easy to use. It is a great technique to boost creativity in a group and expose participants to different ideas and concepts. As ideas are shred using sticky notes rather than shared documents, the process is quick and easy. Also, synchronization of ideas on all the systems using DotStorm are done in real-time, so notes are shared instantly.

DotStorm is a real-time group brainstorming as well as decision making app. The steps to have a brainstorm session with DotStorming include –

• First, you need to create a DotStorming board as this is the focal point of interaction between the participants. You need to give a name to the board, though the name can be meaningful or random.

• After creating the board, you need to invite participants to your boards. You can invite as many participants as you like. The number of participants usually depends on the topic of discussion and interest of participants.

• Next, you need to add your ideas to the board using digital sticky notes. You can use images, text or a combination of both to ensure that your idea is properly communicated. The better you communicate your idea to the participants, the easier it becomes for them to understand. This helps in gaining attention and interest of the participants.

• Then, you allow participants to vote on ideas and put new ideas on the board. Even you can vote for ideas you like. You can also move sticky notes around or group them together on the board.

• After the voting is done, you can sort different ideas based on votes received by them. It will help you in understanding which ideas were popular and which ideas didn’t generate sufficient interest of participants.
Sticky notes are fun and integrating them to brainstorming sessions is a really great way of ensuring a successful brainstorming session. DotStorm is a great platform for collaborative brainstorming and online sharing.

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