Important Benefits of eLearning


Technology has influenced the field of education, and increased its accessibility and scope. Use of electronic media and tech gadgets for learning has given rise to a new dimension – electronic learning or eLearning. eLearning has broken the concept of traditional brick and mortar classrooms; with eLearning, delivery mediums have changed to computers, smartphones and tablets. It provides a rich and personalized learning experience, and helps in creating effective learning environments.

There are different types of eLearning, and each type has its own delivery methods. But, the basic objective of all these methods is same – to use different types of electronic media in the eLearning processes. Major benefits of eLearning include –

  • It is convenient as classes can be taken according to the student’s schedule.
  • It is self-paced as most of the eLearning programs can be taken when they are needed.
  • It reduces travel time and travel cost, especially for students who reside outside the campus.
  • It is less expensive, and costs associated with managing a class are significantly lower than traditional courses.
  • It is faster than traditional learning courses as the learners can directly skip topics they already know and focus on topics they find difficult.
  • It is flexible as eLearning courses can be taken anytime and anywhere.
  • With eLearning, a consistent and uniform message is delivered every time. So, problems related to different instructors teaching the same material differently. It also ensures that all learners get the same training.
  • It is fast, scalable and efficient as it enables to quickly create and implement new methods and policies.
  • With eLearning, it is easier to update and refresh coursework whenever needed. It is also easier to communicate the changes to the learner base.

With help of technology, e-learning delivers training anytime and anywhere, thus making it a great tool for learning.

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