iOS 8 – Best Apps that Use of iOS


With the release of iOS 8 and launch of devices supporting iOS 8, app developers are rushing towards utilizing the new platform. iOS 8 is being seen as the biggest change in operating system and there have been radical updates. With new features like third party keyboards, developers need to update their apps to fully utilize features of iOS 8. New capabilities of iOS 8 are gaining popularity with users, so app developers need to make sure that their apps provide users with same experience.

Here are few apps that have integrated iOS 8 and made best use of iOS 8 –

  • 1Password – A terrific app for managing passwords, 1Password has been developed by AgileBits Inc. It creates unique, strong passwords for each site, remembers the passwords and logs in when tapped. The iOS 8 alws direct integration with Safari and TouchID and much more.


Price: Free (With in-app purchases)

  • SwiftKey – iOS 8 has improved the market for third-party keyboard apps. But, SwiftKey app has got an overwhelming response and dominates the Top Charts of the App. The new app learns writing style of user, thus making autocorrect more intelligent and accurate.


Price: Free

  • Evernote – Evernote is one of the top apps in iTunes store, and the latest update for iOS 8 has opened new possibilities with the app. With Notification Centre and options to clip content from anywhere on the phone using Share menu, the premium version of app also uses TouchId to unlock account.


Price: Free (With in-app purchases)

Advanced features and extensions of iOS 8 have enhanced usability and functionality of the device. App developers must make use of these features as soon as possible to gain and retain their position in the store.

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