Is video content management really easy?

Digital video advertising giant YuMe’s marketing VP recently interacted with journalists and suggested that video content attracts considerable amount of traffic from PCs, tablet PCs and even from smart phones these days. Video story telling network’s director Chad Koch also believes the same. He recently pointed out that videos have the ability to easily motivate and charm viewers. So, more and more companies are including video content as an important aspect of their internet marketing strategy for 2015.

Is video content management really easy?

Is video content management really easy?

Yes, videos are definitely important, but how to manage this content? Here are some tips that can prove helpful for managing video content.

Sharing content requires resources and good budget

Video sharing site YouTube records greater number of users compared to social networking sites. Every month, six billion hours of videos are watched on Google’s video sharing site. But simply sharing your videos (Short film, documentary or ads) on the free video sharing site won’t help. You will have to spend resources and good amount of budget on the content’s marketing as well.

Release your videos on multiple platforms; this will give more exposure to your video content. Take advantage of Facebook’s features like Autoplay, and upload video directly on the social networking site to offer better experience for viewers. Plus, use their “Boost Post” option to make sure that your video reaches news feed of relevant users.

Avoid working with agencies that use programmatic solutions to share content

What will be your reaction if you realize that your advertising videos are running right before porn clip, or terror group’s videos? Well, this may sound weird, but if you check the history, you would find that this has happened with several brands in the past.  To learn more, you can refer to case studies about how BBC, Nissan’s video ads and text ads were placed on terrorists’ videos. In most cases, video ads can be placed on wrong content and sites due to programmatic (automated) advertising solutions used by certain marketing agencies.

May it be your company’s short documentary film, small advertising videos, any other video content; you should always keep a human eye on your campaign to monitor where they are posted.

On which sites are your videos live? How many people watched your videos every day during your campaign? How are audiences’ reacting to your video? Make sure that you have answers for all the above questions. Opt for content management companies that offer “Human Eye” approach to monitor content.

In case if you are a company with good budget for videos, you should opt for the content management agency that has good reputation. It should be able to create and show clear road-map for your campaign.

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