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Top password manager apps

Today, almost every aspect of human life has been influenced by technology and integrated with digital world. But, it has given rise to one important element – security. From shopping to business, almost every website involves creating user login and password, and a major problem is managing these passwords. With every website having different policies for passwords, reusing passwords is also not an option. Remembering all passwords and managing them can be really intimidating, but not anymore. Apps are here to your rescue to overcome security threats involved with passwords.

There are several password manager apps available in the iTunes store, here are few apps that you must try –

  • 1Password – This app requires generation of one master password, so that the app can easily generate strong passwords for each website you visit. Trusted password manager software for Mac products, this app is now available for iOS and other platforms. This app has been updated for iOS 8.


Price: Free

  • Dashlane – An all-in-one password manager, Dashlane has ability to store credit cards, profiles, web logins and much more. Easy to use and packed with features, this app provides free 1 month subscription and later charges are applicable. Presence of Mac Support also makes this app preferred choice for password management.


Price: Free (With Subscription)

  • mSecure – With its customizable interface, mSecure is really easy to use. It allowd users to generate new passwords and allows to sync with iCloud and Dropbox. As there are icons present for different kinds of accounts, it becomes easy to pick one from the long list. mSecure offers trule flexibile password management service.


Price: $9.99

Some password management apps allow users to generate master passwords while others remember their login information. Password manager apps have made it really simple to access accounts online, without the need to remember login credentials for each and every site. Isn’t it relieving? Of, course it is relieving and secure!

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