Kindle Textbook Creator is the best tool for publishers


Amazon recently made it in headlines by launching its Kindle unlimited service. Thanks to this plan, Kindle users get access to more than 700, 000 books by paying monthly fees of just $9.99. Amazon is also taking every possible step to attract students, young population from around the world towards Kindle. But its recent step taken during January this year will definitely attract publishers to kindle. The company launched Kindle Textbook Creator. This tool allows Kindle users to create and upload educational materials and digital textbooks. This content can be accessed using all the devices that support Kindle.

The Textbook Creator offers great opportunity to all the individuals who inspire to be teachers, and also to those who wish to create and publish educational content. Individuals can release their content and allow other users to read, and give their review about the same. Textbook Creator also works with standard PCs, and Mac PCs as well, but it only supports English books as of now.

Textbook Creator allows users to upload PDF copies of their books and convert them into Kindle books. Once converted, users would be able to read the content from their textbooks with additional features. They can even “listen” to their e-books while on the go. These books can be accessed using smart phones, tablets and other devices that support Kindle book reader.

Students prefer using Kindle to read e-books because the device easily integrates digital books with online dictionaries and information sources like Wikipedia to find definitions, meaning, and other info.

Lucrative platform for publishers

Authors who are sure about their customer base can also opt to publish and “sell” their books using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) feature. Amazon believes that it can lure publishers to KDP and offer them its global reach combined with powerful marketing tools.

American textbook industry is estimated to be worth $10 billion per year, and Amazon is just willing to eat small piece of this cake. On every sale, Amazon offers 70 percent of books’ royalties to publishers.

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