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lesson plan websites

Though teaching sounds easy, it is one of the most challenging and effort consuming jobs. Keeping students engaged and interested is difficult, and teachers need to prepare themselves beforehand. For each session, lessons need to be planned otherwise there can be unpleasant surprises in the class. Also, lesson planning helps teachers to stay on track, be creative and visualize every step of the teaching process. With the developing technology, lesson planning has also evolved and teachers can easily find online resources they need. Now there are websites that teachers can use for lesson planning and also share ideas with other teachers for the same subject.

Lesson planning websites not only offer classroom-tested plans, but also resources like calendar activities, podcasts, strategy guides, mobile apps and much more. Here are few commonly used lesson planning websites for middle school teachers –

Share My Lesson offers tons of free resources for lesson plans. You can either browse by grade, by subject or simply look for resources using keywords. From lesson plans and flashcards to posters and assessments, there are several ideas present on the website that you can use in your teaching sessions.

With scientifically proven methods and standard-based digital media, Discovery Education aims to empower teachers in their lesson planning. Here, you can find free lesson plans developed by teachers for teachers. It has developed as a community where teachers can contribute or use original lesson plans, and also modify lessons to create new plans.

Smithsonian Education is one of the popular for their models and methods that makes learning interesting for everyone. Their lesson plans emphasize on enquiry-based learning and each of their plan is print-friendly. From handouts to activities and suggested strategies, they offer several resources for teachers.

One of the best resources available on web for middle school lesson plans, UFT Teacher Centre has world of lessons at a single place. It provides you with a summary short summary of resources and categorization is done according to the subjects.

With a bank of lesson plans prepared by teachers for teachers, Teachers Network has become a favorite for middle school teachers. There is a wealth of materials on this website that teachers can use.

Lesson Plans Center is a section in the Teachnology website. With over 30,000 lesson plans for all age groups, this website offers great teacher specific content. There is also wealth of resources that teachers can use to creating amazing lesson plans.

With options to print lessons by week or day, and creating class templates, Planbook has made lesson planning easy. It also allows students to view their plans online, and attach files and links to the lesson. Planbook also allows teachers to reuse lessons.

Lesson plan websites ensures that lessons are well-organized and resourceful. It will also help in improving the overall quality of teaching.

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