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Time management apps

With life getting fast paced day by day, it has become very important to utilize time effectively. Time management is all about prioritizing tasks and proper utilization of resources. Dependence on gadgets and technology has changed the way people live and work, and also changed ways of time management. Today, time management techniques is not about maintaining a schedule diary or a physical task planner as all these things are now available at fingertips. Presence of tools has made it easier to handle daily tasks, both personal and professional.

There are hundreds of time management apps available in the app store, but not all apps serve the purpose completely. Here are few top time management apps available in Google Play store that users must try –

  • Toggl – One of the best apps for tracking time, Toggl allows users to keep track on time user is spending on each task. Thus, it allows users to be more productive and also analyse where they are losing their time. Users need to tap start and stop to track time for reach task.


Price: Free

  • MediaFire -A great way to manage digital data, MediaFire offers cloud space to store digital data. So, no matter whether you are in office, at home or on-the-go, accessing your data is quick and simple. The app offers upto 50 GB of space for free account holders. There is also Pro and business packages for paid users.


Price: Free

  • Pocket – One of the most popular apps for time management and productivity, Pocket allows users to save content that they want to read later. From news articles to videos, this app allows users to save different forms of content and make it accessible across platforms.


Price – Free

Apps have made it very easy to organize tasks, track and manage them. So, use these apps to make the best use of your time and increase your productivity.

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