Mashing up YouTube videos with Microsoft Powerpoint

One way to creatively infuse technology into classroom learning is through engaging students in media activities that involve the use videos.

Mash-ups are great instructional tools. Your students can use preexisting videos to demonstrate their understanding, share their perspectives, or even share opposing views.
Microsoft PowerPoint Online and Youtube are the only two tools you need to implement this quick strategy.

With mashups, student creativity is endless. Videos can be used for student voice.

A few example assignments could include but not limited to:

  • Having one video of a historical figure giving a speech and the student giving his/her response to the speech
  • Having the videos showing opposing thoughts/opinions
  • Having a scene from a movie/show as one video and the other video of the students changing the scene and making it as his/her own.
  • Adding music to tutorials or processes

For starters, download a copy of the PowerPoint Video Mash-Up template.

Click to view my example of “How to make dry ice” video mash-up.

Template Outline

  • Title slide- Students can create a unique title for their mashup
  • Instructions- Directions for the students.(Students should delete this slide)
  • Videos- Students can insert Youtube video link or upload .mp4
  • Explanation- Students can share their rationale for video selection
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