Microchip that can store millions of educational documents is here

Microchip that can store millions of educational documents is here

Microchip that can store millions of educational documents is here

People in some countries have access to digital technology and broadband with speed of up to 100 Mbps. On the other hand, people living in some African and Asian countries do not even have access to electricity. Digital divide between developed and developing countries will keep on increasing until someone finds that perfect tool to bridge this ever-increasing gap. Perhaps, one such tool has recently arrived. It is popularly known as “Internet in a box.”

Microchip that manages to deliver loads of information

Researchers from the University of North Carolina are working on this project since last 14 years. It is known as WiderNet Project. Under this project, researchers have developed a microchip that can integrate with tablet PCs, laptops, and smart phones to deliver information on various devices even when they are not connected to the internet.

This chip can be used to deliver information to millions of people from around the world, who do not have access to internet. Researchers refer to this chip as eGranary Pocket Library.

Microchip is being used for educational purpose

eGranary digital library has content from renowned publishers like Project Gutenberg, Khan Academy, Wikipedia, etc. Overall, the chip contains 32 million pages of educational documents. Researchers have already installed 1,000 of these chips, and millions of people are currently accessing information while their devices are on offline mode.

WiderNet Project’s director and co-founder Cliff Missen recently interacted with journalists. He said his team is in touch with ministries of school, health, science, and education in various countries to implement the educational project.

Cliff pointed out that in some West African countries like Sierra Leone; only around one percent of country’s population has access to internet. This is where eGranary digital library will play an important role in spreading education.

He also shared the information about Ebola microchip project, and said that researchers have sent thousands of Ebola related documents to the affected countries so that people have access to all the information about the disease.

WiderNet’s team is also working with some prisons, libraries, and schools in the United States, and is offering them eGranary library for digital education. Users of this library/ chip can also add updates to the existing content with the help of device’s editing option.

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