6 ways to use Microsoft Forms in the classroom

Microsoft Forms is a new part of Office 365 Education that permits students and teachers to create surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, etc. When you create a form you can share with others to respond using mobile devices, or web browsers. Built in analytics are included to evaluate responses.
Check out 6 ways you could use Microsoft Forms in your classroom.

1. Breeze through student responses to assignments, surveys, and quizzes. Responses are located in the form editor under the Responses tab. You can view graphs of the responses too. In the right hand corner, there is an option for you!
Click to see a rating survey

2. Collect Special Education data. You can collect data anywhere. No need for traditional data sheets.
Check out this goal sheet

3. Late work submission. Students can submit late work assignments. No need for them to give you a piece of paper!

Check the late work submission log
4. Create and grade a quiz or test using Forms. Host your quizzes, tests and other assessments digitally with Forms. Then, with responses in a spreadsheet.

Check out a quiz I created

Check out this other quiz too!

5. Create a place for you to store quick grades. When students completed simple assignments for me, you can quickly grade their assignments on the students’ desks and write a grade on them. Instead of collecting those assignments, you will have a place where you could store those grades to transfer to your gradebook later.

View this quick grade sheet

6. Create a digital sign in/ sign out sheet. Track your students at all times! Great for data collection to notice patterns in behaviors too. In the spreadsheet, it will time stamp their submission, so no need to write a return time.

Check out the sign in/ sign out sheet

In what ways do you see yourself using Forms in your classroom?

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