mLearning – Apps for Improving English

mLearning – Apps for Improving English

For any student, some of the most dreaded areas of learning English include understanding grammar and sentence constructions. Whether you are school student or a graduate, proficiency in English is a must for each step of your education and career. Though most people recognize the need to be fluent in English, many are unsure of what steps to take. With tech gadgets and mobile applications, learning English has become interactive and fun. Now you can enjoy your grammar lessons on your handheld devices while on-the-go.

Here are some of the popular apps for improving English –

  • English Grammar in Use – Designed by Cambridge University Press, this is an extensive app for grammar. It is basically compact set of grammar questions that have been framed into different types. Covering more than 16 grammar topics, this app includes around 2800 questions and 300 activities.

iTunes URL –

Price – $1.99

  • Vocabology – An app that allows you to build your vocabulary, it provides with word of the day from several dictionaries. It adopts the behavior that best way to remember a word is by using it repeatedly. It also provides quiz games to test words learnt by a user.

iTunes URL –

Price – $0.99

  • Hello-Hello English – It is an app that allows students to improve their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. This app creates a virtual environment and aid visual learning for developing their skills. This teaching method is also called Mobile Immersion.

iTunes URL –

Price – Free

Now, learning English is no longer boring as apps have made the experience fun and challenging.

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