Mobile Learning – Concept and Advantages


Learning and teaching has now gone beyond the walls of traditional classroom, and widened their scope in virtual space. Development of networks, growth of Internet and introduction of developed handheld tech gadgets has together changed the face of education today. Presence of wireless networks and devices supporting wireless networks has given rise to a new concept – mobile learning.  Mobile learning or m-learning is learning through content and social interactions, and learning across multiple contexts. As it involves the use of handheld devices, it is flexible and convenient form of learning.

M-learning involves use of devices like mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, handheld computers and MP3 players. Current generation of students is well versed and used to handheld devices, and these devices have become an inseparable part of their lifestyle. With m-learning, the scope and usability of mobile devices has further widened and made learning appealing to young users. There are numerous benefits of mobile learning, prime benefits include –

  • M-learning provides easy access and enables learning on the go. As handheld devices are constantly available with the learners, they can utilize their free time during traveling or on weekends to study any particular subject.
  • Along with easily accessible, m-learning is also convenient. Every user can complete a course or learn about a particular subject as per his schedule and time. So, whether a person is a slow learner or fast, he can take his time to study a particular topic.
  • Handheld devices make it further easy to research upon a particular term, concept or any other problem a reader comes across. They do not have to wait to communicate with someone they can easily do the research on their devices.

As m-learning facilitates learning in bits and pieces, retention of knowledge is better. Mobile devices are not longer entertainment devices, they are now powerful education tools with m-learning.

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