More teaching, less tech-ing: Google Developing Free LMS as Part of Apps for Education

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Hey techie teachers, and lovers of education! Google is now taking applications for a limited preview of a new application called Google Classroom — a tool that brings learning management functionality to the Google Apps for Education suite. According to Google Apps for Education Product Manager Zach Yeskel, Google Classroom is designed to give teachers more time to teach and it gives students more time be engaged in learning by helping them avoid busy work such as grading papers, writing comments, etc. that’s part of the process of teaching. Yeskel said Classroom has been piloted in about a dozen schools around the country so far, including institutions in California, New York, and Illinois.

Google Classroom provides, among other things:
Assignments that integrate with Google Drive and Google Docs;
Real-time feedback on student work;
Assignment sheets;
Real-time questions;
Commenting; and
Homework collection and organization.

When teachers open the Classroom app, they are presented with a screen displaying their classes on cards, which give a summary of open assignments and other information. They can then click on a particular course for managing assignments and grades or performing other tasks. When instructors create assignments, Google generates folders within Google Drive to organize them automatically. I call this teaching efficiently!
Complete details can be found on Google Portal

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