Best Educational Apps for Learning Foreign Language


Learning a new language isn’t always easy; but with constant practice and exposure through different methods, it is very much possible. Continue reading

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How and why you should flip your classroom


You’ve likely heard the buzz about flipping the classroom, but do you know what exactly it means? Well, flipped classroom is an exciting movement in education to create an engaging learning experience for students. Continue reading

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How to Use Infographics for Learning


One of the major challenges faced in a classroom is keeping students focused and interested. It is really easy for students to get distracted, especially when a lot of information is being communicated in text format. Continue reading

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How to Access Free eBooks for Kids


In this digitally evolving world, eBooks have become a preferred format of books for many. As these books are in electronic format, they can be accessed anywhere on laptop, smartphone, tablet or other devices. Continue reading

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How to Have a Brainstorming Session with DotStorming


Are you looking for ways and tools to have a rewarding brainstorming session? Well, DotStorming is just the tool you are looking for. A great platform, DotStorming allows users to conduct online brainstorming sessions. Continue reading

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7 Good Sources of Writing Prompts to Kick-Start Your Creativity

4 Tips For Blogging During The Holiday Season (1)
Are you suffering from writer’s block? Did your teacher give you a creative writing assignment? The most significant and underrated factor in a writer’s success is discipline. Luck and talent is always there to help, but having a constant writing practice is essential for a successful writer. However, finding time and inspiration for writing is not always easy. For some people, the hardest part in creative writing is generating an idea to write about. This is where writing prompts can help.

Writing prompts provides you with a starting point for your writing practice. Sometimes, these creative writing prompts result in a story or poem. But having to develop ideas, being pushed to a path where you wouldn’t normally go in your writing, and sometimes, just putting pen to a paper is enough to provide an important dose of inspiration.

Are you thinking of writing a story or book, but struggling to come up with an idea? No problem! Here are some good sources of creative writing prompts – perfect for starting a novel or a short story, or simply to give your writing muscle a workout.

1. Toasted Cheese: A daily writing prompt site which publishes prompts on a monthly calendar. Here you’ll find a different prompt each day. If you don’t like what is on current calendar, click through earlier months to find old prompts.

2. Quotes Daddy: As the name suggests, Quotes Daddy is a collection of quotes from famous as well as not-so-famous people. Each day, you’ll find new quotes featured on the homepage of the site. Also, you can add a Quotes Daddy widget to your blog.

3. StoryToolz: Another creative idea generator that offers three useful tools for writers – Random Conflicts, Story Idea Generator and Half Title Generator. People struggling to come up with creative ideas for writing would love the story starters featured on StoryToolz. Just select a tool from the main menu and check the randomly generated idea. If you don’t like it, run the tool again until you get the best option.

4. Story Wheel: An iPad and iPhone app, designed to promote audio storytelling. Just spin the Story Wheel on your phone and when it lands on an image, dictate a story based on the same. Once you’re done with recording, you can play the story with animations created by Story Wheel.

5. The Story Starter: As you might guess from the name, The Story Starter is a popular website that offers more than one trillion randomly generated story writing ideas for creative writers.

6. Things to Think About: Yet another iPad app which offers a number of writing prompts generated by students for students. Things to Think About contains writing prompts in 12 different categories. Each prompt has a picture, whereas some of them comes with a short audio recording of students reading those prompts.

7. Fifteen Minutes of Fiction: This site is basically designed for people who don’t have a lot of time for writing but wish to keep their skills sharp. Every week you’ll find a new writing prompt and you can respond to the same with a quick poetry or a short fiction.

Moreover, you can also find your own ideas for writing prompts from different places – headlines, speeches, signs, some words picked from a book and so on.

Get used to keeping an eye on phrases or words which fire your imagination, pen them down and use them as writing prompts. You never know where they may take you.

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Blogging to meet Common Core Standards


If you teach in the United States, you are required to tie your learning activities to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS sets high expectations for student success by outlining the skill set that students should master at each grade level. Ultimately, the students are supposed to be equipped with problem solving, critical thinking and other career-oriented skills for 21st century jobs. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Use Mindmaps for Creativity


Today, almost everyone is looking for constant growth and development, in both their personal and professional life. One of the most important elements that contribute to development is creativity. You need to be creative in developing new thoughts, ideas and concepts, and also to give a visual representation to your ideas. Do you consider yourself among the people who do not have a creative thinking? Well, there is an excellent way of developing your creativity

Continue reading

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7 Dangerous Apps Parents Should Know About

surf school

Everyday there is a different app being created for iOS and Android devices. It is almost impossible to keep up with the latest.  Although I am no longer a classroom teacher, I work in a middle school as a technology trainer/integration support specialist. Continue reading

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How to start a blog in 4 easy steps

4 steps to starting a blogWelcome back! You have decided to remove the walls from your classroom and safely connect your students to the global community. I am going to share 4 easy steps. It will be easy breezy and you will be up and running in under 20 minutes. Read the 4 easy steps to starting a blog. Continue reading

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