PhotoMath App – Equation Solving Made Simple


Can the camera of your smartphone only be utilized for taking photos and videos? Well, not anymore as it has now become an educational tool. With the PhotoMath app, students can use their mobile to solve mathematical equations. Isn’t that great? Of course and PhotoMath app has become the world’s first camera calculator. To find the answer to any mathematical expression, just point your phone camera on the expression using the app and you will get an answer instantly!

PhotoMath app has an Augmented Reality interface, and has created waves in the app industry. From arithmetic expressions to fractions and decimals, powers and roots to simple linear equations, PhotoMath app solves different types of mathematical expressions. The user simply needs to center the mathematics expression on camera of their device for the app to recognize the expression and calculate an answer. Its prime features include –

  • Gives result instantly
  • Provides step by step solution
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by children
  • Supports different types of mathematical expressions including algorithms

Launched by MicroBlink, PhotoMath app reads and solves mathematical expressions in real time using camera of mobile device. MicroBlink is a well-known company providing text recognition technology and selling it to companies who can find these technologies useful. A neat app, PhotoMath is an example of potential of text recognition engine developed by MicroBlink. It has become one of the top free apps in the stores for several countries.

Currently the PhotoMath App is available in iTunes Store and Windows Store. The app will be available in Google Play store for Android devices in early 2015. The app has amazing accuracy, but it still does not support handwritten text. As MicroBlink is being continuously working on text recognition, the technology has matured with the PhotoMath app. Now, the company is working on growth and updates. At help for students stuck with mathematical problems, PhotoMath app is constantly adding new formulae and functions in upcoming app releases.

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