Podcasting: Best Option for Information Delivery

2Even in this era of tablet PCs, podcasting is back in limelight! According to data released by research organization Edison Research, 39 million listeners downloaded and streamed content podcasted by various companies in February 2014 alone. Users are also sharing podcasts on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

These days, people consider podcasts as source of original content. They are looking for something which they have never come across on TV, websites or print media. Podcasting companies offer chat shows, news, comedy shows, sports content and several types of stories for listeners. It is not just a great source of entertainment, but it is also being used in the field of education and journalism.

Students are benefiting from podcasts

Educational institutions that offer courses in distance learning mode are rapidly integrating podcasting in their tools.  Students can either listen to live podcasts or download files that they can listen to, at any point in time.

Professors, specialists and teachers record their lectures and upload them on the educational institute’s website.  Students can access these sessions in the form of podcast clips whenever they want.  This is also helping fulltime college students who miss their class due to some reason or the other.

All that students need to do is subscribe to the educational institute’s podcasts. Their devices automatically keep on downloading latest sessions. Students also receive alerts about newly downloaded files from time to time.

Students can download these files on several devices including MP3 players and iPod.  Thanks to podcasting, learning does not require sitting in the classroom, it can also be done while travelling, lying on the bed or even while mowing the lawn.

Podcasting can help online journalists

Podcasts allow you to reach millions smart phones, tablet PCs, and MP3 players. Once your content reaches these devices in the form of audio clips, users will most probably give it time that it deserves.

If you are an internet journalist, podcasting can help you to make sure that your work reaches maximum number of audiences. You can use your speaking skills, and inject your enthusiasm along with your news stories in audio clips and upload them on iTunes.

Podcasts can also help you to make people familiar with your news presentation and voice.  People may not spend much time while reading news on websites, blogs, or printed copies of news papers as it requires complete attention. But they will definitely listen to your small news clips while on the go. Use podcasting to share your news stories on weekly basis, and promote your news site in those audio clips.

Even world’s best news channels like CNN, BBC, and NBC news offer podcasts for their popular shows.  This helps them to stay connected to their audience even when they are away from computer and TV set.

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