Tablet PCs are about to replace text books?

Tab PC image 2Tablet PCs like iPad have not only attracted adults, but even children between age group 6 and 12 are finding it useful. As per data released by one of America’s best creative media agencies, MDG Advertising, more than 1.5 million students in the United States use iPad on daily basis. Their data also suggests that there are more than 20,000 educational apps available for iPad users.

Tablets drive students to buy digital books instead of print edition

Research and innovation firm, Pearson also conducted a study about using tablets for education. This survey was titled “Pearson Student Mobile Device Survey 2014.” The company interviewed 1,288 students from various graduate schools and universities in the United States. Out of all the students covered during the survey, more than 80 percent of them agreed that tablets are encouraging students to opt for e-books instead of printed copies. They also suggested that tablet PCs are set to change the way of learning during next few years.

Even teachers use tablet PCs in professional lives

Pew Research Center surveyed hundreds of teachers from the United States as part of their research.  Their study indicated that considerable number of teachers from middle and secondary schools use tablet PCs, smart phones and other digital tools for professional/ classroom purpose. Almost all the teachers interviewed in this research shared their opinion that improvement in technology gives them better access to study materials and resources that are helpful for teaching.  All of them agreed that they use e-readers, smart phones and tablets for teaching.

Pew’s research also highlighted the point that most of the teachers use search engines, and Wikipedia to find information.

Even Shakespeare would have used touch screen to write

Berkshire based Wellington College’s Sir Anthony Seldon is famous as one of the United Kingdom’s specialists for digital learning. He came under limelight for the first time when he replaced his institution’s library books with iPads, tablet PCs and other types of interactive screens. The concerned library figures in the list of world’s most ultra modern libraries.

While taking about importance of tablet PCs for education, Seldon recently shared his opinion that technology can make learning more personalized, challenging and active for learners. He claimed that even Shakespeare would have used touch screen.

iPad can improve users’ neurocognitive abilities

According to Harvard-Smithsonian Center’s Physics researcher Matthew Schneps, iPad is an inexpensive way to deliver educational content. The researcher from Massachusetts also claimed that iPad improves individual’s neurocognitive abilities and helps him or her to understand difficult concepts quickly. Schneps made it in headlines when the National Geographic society published some of his research findings in 2012.

Initially, parents allowed kids to use iPad as in-car entertainment device, it kept their kids busy till they reached home. But now, tablet PCs can not only be used for pacifying children, but can also be used to provide intellectual challenges in the form of educational games. Tablet PCs can motivate creativity, help kids to sustain interest in learning, and also in unlocking children’s overall potential.

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