Tech Craze – Making Girls a Part of It

Tech Craze – Making Girls a Part of It

Today, technology has become forefront of the global economy. From personal relations to business transactions, technology is involved in every aspect of life and business. As technology has become core of progress of any economy, it is very important that technology is equally adopted by everyone. As per statistics, percentage of girls interested in science and technology has been found to be less in comparison to boys. But, with girls playing an important role in the growth of a country, the gap between girls and technology needs to be filled.

First step to make girls part of tech craze is by reducing the skills gap between boys and girls.  Courses related to technology need to be introduced in girl-only schools, and taught to them from an early age. It will help in generating an interest in these subjects, and later allow girls to pick up skills required for technology jobs. Also, it is important to change the mindset of parents as they are the ones who can make their girls inquisitive about technology from a young age. Parents need to remove the negative perceptions and gender barriers, so that they can teach their girls to think with an open mind. Girls need to realize that technology is not an unnecessary subject; in fact it is the most important subject in the technology and gadget dependent world of today. High schools and colleges can organize programs in maths, science and technology, and encourage girls to participate in them.

Girls have started going the technology way, and finding geek girls is not uncommon now-a-days. But, this transformation needs to come on a higher level to ensure more and more girls are able to recognize opportunities posed by technology.

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