Technology – Influencing Lives of Girls

girls and technology

Evolving technology has changed several beliefs and myths related to technology. One of such beliefs was that girls are not interested in technology, but that’s not the case anymore. Today, girls are using technology to the fullest. From staying in touch with their friends to utilizing applications to improve their daily schedule, technology has become an integral part of life of girls. Not just education, technology has also helped in improving security of girls and providing them opportunity to work and live freely. Technology has become an essential tool in bridging the gender gap and equipping girls to perform better in global competition.

Technology has played major role in development of global economy, and opened opportunities for jobs and new businesses. As the economy continues to grow further, girls are not left behind in any sector as technology has provided them with an equal opportunity for development. Today, girls are not locked out from any opportunity to grow and gain success in life. Technology has provided girls with tools that they can use to build a career and bright future for themselves. Not just developed nations, technology is also playing a vital role in development of girls in developing nations. With digital teaching techniques, technology has helped education to reach girls in remote areas and improved everyday learning. Also, technology has brought together communities around the world and it has benefited development of girls in different regions of the world. With increased connectivity, it has become easy for girls to be independent yet stay in touch with their loved ones.

Technology has brought significant changes in lives of girls. Mainly girls are using technology to –

  • Get equal opportunity at better education.
  • Equip themselves with digital skills required to stay updated with technology.
  • Gain skills required for jobs in competitive environment.
  • Lead advocacy campaigns.
  • Raise awareness on social, civic and political issues.
  • Become active participants in the community.
  • Increase their network and polish networking skills using social platforms.
  • Choose their role models and get motivation for their own life.
  • Provide support to change the way education is rendered.
  • Develop confidence and ability to handle situations and problems.
  • Increase self-confidence and gain access to opportunities.

Today, technology has enabled an easy access to gadgets like computers, mobile phones and Internet. Even companies are breaking barriers and providing equal opportunity to girls to access and learn from technology. Tools provided by technology are being used to provide training and mentoring at workplace. From improving literacy and education to building a secure career, technology is helping girls to reach their potential. In 21st century, technology has revolutionized human life and is striving towards eliminating gender-based discrimination. Several global and local initiatives are being taken to increase access of technology by girls. With new tools coming up each day, technology will continue to influence life of girls in coming times.

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