Technology tools for Education – Making Education Interesting

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Today, technology has influenced every aspect of life, and education is not left untouched by this influence. Technology tools have made education fun, easy and interesting, thus opening a realm of opportunities for students. New tools for education are entering the market every day, hence it has become difficult to keep up with the latest ones.

Here are few technology tools for education that have earned immense popularity –

  • Google Docs – It creates a centralized platform to create and share study materials between students and teachers. With Google docs, teachers can also provide feedback on student created projects. Google Docs works across platforms and devices, and also provides 15 GB of free storage space, making it a favorite productivity tools for students and teachers.
  • Evernote – A powerful tool, Evernote helps students to take down notes, bookmark webpages and more. A free app that works across multiple devices and platforms, this tool has great potential for students.
  • Edmodo – A social learning platform that can be used by teachers, students and parents, Edmodo is specifically designed for educational purposes. With its feature of shared timeline, it allows students and teachers to interact with each other. There is also a library where students can store and share documents.
  • Twitter – A popular social networking platform, Twitter is also a great tool for students. With Twitter, students can connect with educators, share ideas, take part in chats and even reach out to students.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest has redefined the concept of bookmarking, and introduced visual bookmarking. With Pinterest, students can create boards, pin things they find interesting and even share their boards. Pinterest is also a great tool for art and craft projects for students.
  • Socrative – A smart student response system, Socrative is an amazing educational tool. It empowers teachers to make learning sessions interesting with a series of educational games and exercises.

With educational technology growing rapidly, it has become important to stay updated with the latest and best educational tools. These tools make education enjoyable for teachers and fun for students.

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