Things To Avoid In Mobile Learning

With the ever so presence and increase in usage of Mobile phones, it’s hard to imagine life without one. One of the most important things, when trying to learn or grasp a new technological product or an app, is to learn it in easiest way possible. When the first mobile phone was designed and built, nobody would have imagined (except for Steve Jobs) its immense usefulness for the future generation. But, now things have evolved and we are at that stage of technological advancement where E-learning, is also shaping up to become Mobile Learning.

Things To Avoid In Mobile Learning

Things To Avoid In Mobile Learning

As there are advantages to some tech products, so are the pitfalls. Let’s read through the things to avoid while a student is attempting Mobile Learning.

Ensuring Focus on Learning and Not on Gaming

While a cell phone is basically used for calling and receiving calls, smartphones are designed to kill time. With the number of gaming apps available, it’s pretty hard for tutors to make students focus on the learning part of the mobile device. Distractions in mobile learning are many, and it may also come down to the judgment of the app makers, to include several things or interesting and interactive sessions where a student can carefully and forcefully, is made to read or write something from the app lessons. Keeping a student distraction free is the first thing to avoid in mobile learning.

An Ideal Set Up

The educational app through which mobile learning is done should be exciting. No one would like to study from a boring white page of an app, where a few links pop up after several minutes to offer you coaching tips. Adding pictures and sound would be a great thing to keep students looking into the screen and keeping them engaged.

Make Teachers Mobile Friendly

Many a times it is observed in M-Learning, teachers who are available to make students learn from an app themselves don’t understand some of its features. This is one of the most important aspects of mobile learning to avoid for. Though, not much guidance is needed when one starts working on mobile learning, but a teachers help would be required at any moment if some theories and practical’s are not grasped by the students. So, it evident that teacher’s should first become familiar with usage of M-Learning apps, so that they can pass the knowledge to the future generation.

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