Top Apps for Teachers – Benefit from Them

Top Apps for Teachers - Benefit from Them

With developing technology, new platforms have come up in the past few years. These platforms have changed the way people live, talk, network and even learn. Education has seen significant change, and teaching methods have evolved with changing technology. Today, teachers are equipped with better tools, teaching methods and material that makes learning effective and interactive. One of the major changes due to technology that revolutionized teaching are development of educational apps.

Educational apps are not limited to teaching children and making learning interactive, there are several apps that are designed to simplify tasks of teachers. Here are few apps specifically designed for teachers –

  • Remind101 – From sending notices to making announcements, Remind101 simplifies communication tasks that seem cumbersome and tiring. One of the biggest highlights of this app is its privacy as teachers do not need to reveal their personal details including phone number while communicating with students or parents. Thus, it gives teachers safe, instant and free way to send text to students and parents.


Price – Free

  • Teacher Aide Pro 2 – A counterpart of the Teacher’s Assistant Pro app, Teacher Aide Pro 2 simplifies several time consuming task for teachers. It allows teachers to customize and maintain attendance, create gradebook, send notification to parents, keep track of daily lessons and much more. This premium app is free of in-app purchases.


Price – $14.99

  • StudyBlue – Flashcards make an excellent way of memorizing and studying, and StudyBlue makes flashcards manageable. It allows teachers to create digital flashcards, quizzes, study guides and other study tools. There are options to add audio and videos to flashcards too.


Price – Free

Apps can be utilized as powerful organization tools for teachers, and help them in using their time for more constructive purposes.

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