Top Free Apps for 2014 – iPhone

Top free iphone apps

There is a plethora of apps available in the iTunes Store, across all categories and subcategories. With the wide range of options available, choosing any particular app to suit one’s need is very difficult. This problem is further deepened in case of free apps. It is commonly seen that a major proportion of free apps downloaded by users is uninstalled within a day or two. Hence, it becomes really difficult to find relevant, productive and useful apps from the store.

Here is a list of free apps for iPhone that you must try –

  • BillGuard – An app to track connect to banks, credit card accounts, and spending BillGuard is a great way of keeping your finances under check. With combination of crowd-sourced data and predictive algorithms, Bill Guard also protects users from unfair and fraud charges. It also acts as a handy expense tracker.


  • Triposo – One of the best travel guides for your phone, these apps have up-to-date information and handy maps. Along with guides for cities, you can also find list of restaurants and other options for major cities. Their travel dashboard also consists of weather, currency converter and useful phrases.


  • Brewster – Do you find it difficult to handle all your social network contacts simultaneously? Well, Brewster is the answer to your problem. It consolidates contacts from your phone and social network into a central app. With a consolidated address book, it becomes easy to find all details including email addresses of every contact in a single place. It also allows users to create smart lists of contacts.


  • Dropbox – An easy and convenient way of transferring content between device and computer, Dropbox allows users to bring together and share their docs, photos and videos. With Dropbox, you can not only save files to Dropbox from your iPhone, but also saves files from your computer, iPad and other devices.


Get these free apps and make your iPhone more efficient and useful!

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